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Stephanie Thompson | Stephanie's Movie ReviewsStephanie Thompson is a Singer/Songwriter, Host, Actress and Voice Over Artist.

Stephanie got her start singing when she was three years old under the guidance of her dad with whom she grew up doing multiple musicals and duets in churches and other venues. She majored in Music in College getting a degree of Vocal Performance graduating, with Honors. Stephanie became a member as an actor for the West Coast Ensemble doing plays. She also appeared at the LA Connection in their Improv shows.

As a classically trained pop singer, she has sung on movie soundtracks, sung overseas in China and did a guest appearance at the Las Vegas Black Music Awards. In addition, she has done over 150 one woman shows in Los Angeles and the surrounding cities. Stephanie has taught music for many different studios and she gives lessons to children and adults. She worked with Author and Speaker, Aimmee Kodachian , on a song based on Aimmee’s book, “Tears of Hope” called “Rise Above” which promotes having peace in the world. Stephanie can also be heard as the reader for Aimmee’s audio book. In 2014, Stephanie wrote and recorded several inspirational pop songs including a Christmas song called, “The Blessing of Christmas,” which was made into a CD. “The Blessing of Christmas” was made into a music video where on Youtube in a period of only two weeks, it had great success. Additionally, Stephanie directed and produced two operas as well as playing the leads.

Stephanie is also the Host of her own show, “Stephanie’s Movie Reviews” on   She is a living testimonial to the success of Aimmee Kodachian’s teachings, the creator, producer and director of Stephanie’s show, the “Aimmee Kodachian and the Experts” Show and”World of Book Reviews with Judi Moreo.” Today, Stephanie continues writing inspirational songs and jingles for businesses.  She is a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild, AFTRA and Actor’s Equity. 

As a classically trained singer, Stephanie is “An Artist Who Sings From the Heart to Touch the Soul!”

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Short Bio:

Stephanie Thompson is a classically trained inspirational/pop singer/songwriter, actress and voice over artist. She is the Host of “Stephanie’s Movie Reviews” an online TV show at  Also, she worked with Aimmee Kodachian on a song based on Aimmee’s message, which promotes having peace in the world called “Rise Above.” Stephanie is a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild, AFTRA and Actor’s Equity.

The “Rise Above” song is BASED on “Tears of Hope,” Aimmee’s riveting true life story and her message. Presented by classically trained singer/songwriter Stephanie Thompson.

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